Field Operations

Bringing systems to life and operating them in the field in support of our customer missions are some of the most professionally rewarding and exciting work that we do.  These customer missions and the systems that support these missions typically take our engineers overseas to areas of the world of topical interest, where we support the deployment, operation, and maintenance of these technically complex and sophisticated airborne, marine, and land based systems.  Our willingness and ability to undertake this type of work provide critical services to our customers and provide our engineering staff invaluable operational experience and understanding that enhances their contributions to developmental projects.

Our corporate experience in technical operations spans a variety of technologies and classes of operations.  Examples of our experience include 24×7 payload maintenance for special UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operations, installation and repair of ocean systems, collection of field data to support development of future systems, and installation and maintenance of mission specific communications systems.  Support to Field Operations is an ASI core competency.

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