Cyber Security Engineering

Overview.  Long before cyber security became the term du jour for protecting networks and IT infrastructure from attacks and misuse, ASI provided its customers with network and information security solutions in the areas of perimeter control, infrastructure protection, and intrusion detection.  Much of this work is a natural consequence of our Information Systems Engineering and Communications Systems Engineering work of providing our customers secure and reliable communications and IT solutions and systems.  Collectively, our engineering staff is experienced in delivering the broad range of cyber security solutions with many employees possessing the relevant professional certifications.  We have delivered solutions that comply with DOD IA, DCID 6/3, and ICD 503 standards.

Perimeter Control Solutions.  Our perimeter control solutions include traditional firewalls and providing the infrastructure for content scanning of traffic crossing a controlled interface for policy and security compliance as well as the detection of viruses and malware.  Our solutions include the monitoring and auditing of the parameters, configuration, and status of the perimeter control devices on infrastructure that is isolated from customer traffic flows.

Infrastructure Protection Solutions.  Our infrastructure protection solutions rely on the hardening and continuous scanning of network devices coupled with the use of an identity and access management solution.  Our device hardening experience includes the implementation of the DISA STIGs on a wide range of workstations, routers, switches, and servers.  We are experienced in the use of the DOD’s Host Based Security System, e-Eye Retina  scanner, and the HP NMMi suite of applications for scanning, monitoring, and auditing of network devices for security patches and configuration compliance.  We have implemented several identity and access management solutions to assure accountability and compliance with our customers’ change control processes.

Intrusion Detection.  Our solutions have included the installation of alarmed fiber spans, implementation of SPAN and TAP packet access points, packet processing systems, and high speed data recording capabilities.  Our experience includes the implementation and use of ArcSight with specialized signature databases.      

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