Benefits and Compensation Philosophy

In recognition of the critical role that our employees play in the delivery of our services, ASI is committed to helping our employees succeed in their careers and in life in general.  Our comprehensive benefits are intended to provide for the welfare of our people and their families, to foster career development, and to provide an adequate retirement.


ASI pays competitive salaries for the market in which the work is performed.  Salaries are reviewed on an annual basis.

Incentive Compensation

In addition to a base salary, ASI also pays incentive compensation or bonuses for which all employees are eligible.  The amount of incentive compensation paid to an individual employee is performance-based.  This multi-dimensional plan incentivizes employee contributions in the following important areas:

  • Project performance,
  • Professional development,
  • Business development, and
  • Special contributions to the Company.


Our retirement plans are structured to enable an employee to maximize pre-tax contributions to his or her retirement and to provide investment diversification.  These plans include

  • Profit Sharing Plan,
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), and
  • 401k Plan.

Generous, discretionary Company contributions to the Profit Sharing Plan and ESOP are made annually.  There is no vesting period for the Profit Sharing Plan.  No Company contributions are made to the 401k Plan.

Health and Welfare

ASI offers a comprehensive package of insurance and other benefits for the health and welfare of the employee and his or her family.

  • Medical Insurance*
  • Short-term and Long-term disability insurance*
  • Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance*
  • Dental Insurance (optional)
  • Vision Insurance (optional)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (for eligible health care and dependent day care expenses)

The Company pays 100% of the insurance premiums marked with the “*”.  Optional Life and AD&D insurance is available at employee expense.

Paid Leave

Our leave benefit is competitive.  No leave is “lost”; excess leave is converted to cash.

Professional Development Expenses

ASI is committed to the professional development of our people.  Professional development is important to the career progression of the individual and to the quality of the Company’s services.  Each employee is encouraged annually to submit a professional development proposal requesting funding for worthwhile efforts.  ASI pays for the expenses of approved proposals to include attendance at professional conferences, short course and college tuition fees, professional certifications, and other efforts deemed of benefit to the employee and the Company.  In addition to paying these expenses, the Company, through its incentive compensation plan, compensates people who make a serious commitment to their professional development.


To the extent possible, we will work with our employees to balance work and family life.  Flexible work hours and shortened work weeks can usually be accommodated.

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