Communications Systems Engineering

For the past two decades, ASI has provided our customers with state-of-the-art communications and networking solutions.  Our capabilities to provide these solutions have grown and evolved with the communications needs of our customers’ global enterprises and the rapidly changing, enabling technologies that provide the basis for our cost-effective solutions.  Our core competencies span the critical  communications technologies:  fiber optic communications, cutting-edge routers and switches, and state-of-the-art network management systems.  Our hallmark is communications and networking solutions that are secure, reliable, manageable, economical, and satisfy the requirements of our customers.  Many of our solutions have received DCID 6/3 and ICD 503 security certifications and accreditations.

Our experience and expertise encompasses the ability to plan and manage large communications and networking projects from the architectural development phase to system retirement.  We bring to these projects a deep understanding of networks, networking technologies, and commercial best practices.  We have familiarity with the products of major equipment manufacturers and we strive for system designs that are manufacturer-agnostic to foster vendor competition to the benefit of our customers.  Our designs attempt to anticipate future technology evolution to facilitate the inevitable upgrades and technology migrations that will be needed in future network infrastructures.  The following highlights our Corporate capabilities as they relate to current projects.

Transport Solutions.  ASI facilitates the acquisition of long-haul and metropolitan area transport capacity and services for customers’ global networks through a combination of leased and customer-owned infrastructures.  We employ both terrestrial and satellite-based systems in our search for the most economical solution.  Our transport engineers have extensive experience using military and commercial satellite systems as well as leading-edge fiber optic networks.  An ASI core competency is fiber optic communications with experience in long-haul DWDM at line transmission rates of 10 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s.  Our solutions have incorporated the KG-340/KG-530 SONET encryptors.

Core and Access Solutions.  ASI provides our customers with high-speed, packet-based solutions to their long-haul, core networks.  Our experience base originates with legacy ATM networks and more recently includes the implementation of IP/MPLS converged core networks.  Our core solutions typically involve the migration of legacy TDM circuits, PBX connections, and various application specific protocols onto the completely packet-based infrastructures.  Consequently, our experience encompasses a range of circuit-to-packet conversion technologies and products to include the Juniper CTP series, the RT Logic T500MX-XC, and the Avtec Systems ioNET.

Campus, Local Area, and Multimedia Solutions.  ASI provides our customers with local area and large campus networking solutions relying on switching and routing infrastructures that support IP-based integrated multimedia services.  Our solutions extensively employ  virtualization technologies to minimize the number of network devices (servers, switches, and routers) that are needed to provide our customers the necessary security and policy separations that are required for their many networks and user groups.  These separations are facilitated with the use of the VLAN, VRF (virtual routing and forwarding), and IP/MPLS protocols.  For large campuses, our solutions have sometimes employed metro optical technology to accommodate the large data rate-distance products not supported by copper transmission lines.  Our designs have incorporated products of the major vendors of switches and routers.

Network Management Solutions.  Our capabilities for providing solutions for managing network devices and services of large and small enterprises is based on our experience in deploying, maintaining, and using many of the widely used product suites and in our development of application-specific, custom solutions. This experience ranges from networks with a few tens of devices to those with several thousand devices and includes experience with the following commercial and open source products:  HP Network Node Manager (NNMi) and related applications, HP OpenView, CA NetQoS, Alcatel-Lucent VitalSuite, SolarWinds Netflow, Netdisco, among others.

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