Information Systems Engineering

Information systems engineering is the multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary endeavor of developing systems and solutions for collecting, filtering, processing, creating, and distributing information in support of the operations of an enterprise.  Information systems are pervasive and the underlying hardware and software technologies have evolved and continue to evolve rapidly.  Engineering these systems requires an understanding of the enterprise, its business processes, and the diverse technologies that are available and needed for implementing these systems.

ASI provides our customers a broad spectrum of information systems solutions and capabilities that are enhanced by our understanding of underlying networking technologies, our software development capabilities, and our understanding of our customers’ business processes.  The following highlights our Corporate capabilities as they relate to current projects.

Server and Storage Solutions.  ASI designs and delivers server and storage solutions for large and small enterprises based on most versions of UNIX and Windows server operating systems.  These solutions include remote storage replication and backup solutions for continuity of operations.  Our solutions employ the economies of virtualization technologies to minimize the required number of network devices:  servers, switches, and routers.  In particular, we have engineered multi-site solutions with virtualized server infrastructures based on VMWare and have integrated them with network protocols (e.g., VLAN, VRF, and IP/MPLS) to achieve policy and security separation as well as the reduction of network devices.  Our VMWare solutions have achieved successful DCID 6/3 and ICD 503 security certifications and accreditations.

Network Management Solutions.  Our capabilities in providing solutions for managing network devices and services of large and small enterprises are based on our experience in deploying, maintaining, and using many of the widely used product suites and in our development of application-specific, custom solutions. This experience ranges from small networks (few tens of devices) to large networks (several thousand devices) and with product suites from Ipswitch WhatsUp and SolarWinds to the HP Network and Server Automation suites.

Messaging Solutions.  ASI provides web-based record messaging solutions for the DoD and IC that cross security, organizational, and policy boundaries.  Our dedicated messaging laboratory provides the infrastructure and connectivity for the integration and testing of messaging solutions and the engineering support required for operations and maintenance of deployed systems.

Knowledge Management Solutions.  We develop and maintain the software and support infrastructure for specialized knowledge management solutions for, among other things, process automation, document storage and retrieval, workflow applications, and life-cycle tracking of IT assets in support of customer business and mission operations.