Our People

Our people are our most valued resource.  They deliver the solutions and diverse technical services of exceptional quality that are the life blood of the Company.  Our customers rely on them to execute their important and challenging national security missions.  Recruiting, developing, and retaining of our people are the most important things we do.

We seek to recruit some of the brightest, most capable engineering and scientific professionals from industry and academia.  We look for something special in the people that we interview – a spark of brilliance, strong academic credentials, or perhaps exceptional career experiences.  Above all a strong work ethic and a streak of self-motivation must be evident.

We seek to transform the people who work for us by providing them job opportunities that expand and deepen their career experiences and by opportunities for continuing education that is unusual in industry.  Our Professional Development Program provides our people with the opportunity to improve, maintain, or add to their technical competencies with the potential to take their careers in substantially new directions.  Through our Professional Development Program, our people are able to attend conferences, take training classes and university level courses, achieve professional certifications, and write professional papers.  The Program reimburses participants for expenses and, through our Incentive Compensation Plan, compensates our people in a substantial way for investing their time and energy in self-improvement to the benefit of the Company and our customers.

We seek to retain our people with a broad-based approach that starts with competitive salaries and jobs that are among the most interesting and challenging in our industry.  Our senior management team and our corporate staff strive to provide a cooperative, supportive, and well-capitalized work environment.  Our rich benefits package insures that our people are well provided for as employees and in their retirement.

Our outstanding staff is both technically and ethnically diverse.  Over 90 percent of our people are engineers and scientists; more than half of them have advanced degrees and many have exceptional professional qualifications.  All have government security clearances.  Over 30 percent of our technical staff have Ph.D. degrees in technical disciplines, are licensed Professional Engineers, or are certified Program Managers.  Virtually all of our network engineers and IT professionals have earned recognized industry certifications that span the range and depth of the relevant networking and IT disciplines.  Our retention rate is one of highest in the industry with a mean retention time of 20 years.

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