Specialty Engineering

A combination of recruiting engineering professionals with exceptional qualifications and engaging them in technically and operationally challenging projects has the benefit of developing levels of technical expertise that are uncommon and in a few cases rare.  To exploit this watershed of technical and operational expertise, ASI provides expert consulting services in the following engineering disciplines.


Current or Recent Applications

Acoustics Underwater and airborne acoustics; quieting of submarine and aircraft noise sources; simulation of noise sources; underwater acoustics for ship detection and tracking, imaging of submerged vehicles and bottom objects, and data transmission.
Mechanical Design Underwater work systems; work system-to-ship interfaces; special purpose underwater tools; cable handling systems; packaging for special purpose tools and mission equipment.
Naval Architecture Ship and submersible design studies; customer interface to shipyard;  technical support for acquisition of ships, boats, and other marine craft.
Network Engineering Design of large WANs and LANs; special purpose communications systems;  fiber optics; routing and switching; network management; firewalls; server virtualization.
Ocean Engineering Underwater work systems; underwater sensors; cable handling systems; installation of cable and other marine systems.
Optics Fiber optics; non-linear optics; solid state lasers; underwater optical imaging.
Signal Processing Adaptive beam forming; image processing.
Safety Certification Man-rated systems; diving systems; submarine rescue systems.