Technology Development

Technology development occurs when new techniques, tools, or systems are developed to solve a problem or to serve some useful purpose or when existing techniques, tools, or systems are applied in a novel way.  ASI is a technology company with a history of solving our customers’ problems and providing our customers with enhanced capabilities through proactive, innovative thinking based on the understanding of our customers’ missions, the current state of relevant technologies, and creative application of science and mathematics. Our technology development projects are funded internally by the Company and externally by customers.  These projects have spanned a range of technologies and customer applications and have resulted in the development of proprietary signal processing algorithms, fielded hardware and software systems, and engineering tools that enhance our ability to deliver engineering services.

Some examples of our successful technology development projects are summarized in the following table.


Project Description

Signal Processing Algorithms Adaptive beamforming algorithms for application in highly non-stationary environments; optimal spectral analysis of rapidly evolving signals.
High-speed Computing Systems Design and implementation of distributed and parallel computational architectures for intensive processing of complex multidimensional data sets.
Acoustic Imaging Processor Design and implementation of an acoustic imaging processor for the analysis of submarine acoustic signature data collected at the noise trials of fleet submarines.  The processor provides near-real-time, high-resolution narrowband and broadband images of the submarine’s radiated noise field over a broad frequency range.  The processor incorporates the analysis tools for extracting data and parameters of interest.
Special Communications Systems Design, integration, and fielding of a special-purpose, application-specific communications system capable of conditioning sensor data for long-haul transmission and transmitting the data to a remote data center for processing.
Engineering Tools Developed to support various engineering development projects.  Physical and mathematical modeling of sensors and systems and their operational environments.  Applied to design-trade studies in support of the definition of underwater acoustic and optical sensors and communications systems.