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Michael G. Gibby
President and CEO

A.B., Chemistry, Occidental College, 1968.
Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, MIT, 1972.



Dr. Gibby established Arion in 1985 and has guided its growth and development into the diverse, highly-regarded engineering service company that it is today. Since the Company’s inception, Dr. Gibby has contributed technically to a number of challenging programs and projects that bear on our national defense and security. As a consultant to the Technical Director of a major government program, he influenced the formulation of technology development strategies and played a significant role in the execution of projects that resulted in new technologies critical to the program’s success. Dr. Gibby assisted the government in initiating several large and ultimately successful programs that overcame significant technical and operational challenges. He was the systems engineering lead responsible for the system-trade and operational studies that resulted in the definition of the system concept and the development of the concept of operations and system specifications. More recently, the business operations of the growing Company have required his full-time attention.

Prior to the founding of Arion, Dr. Gibby was a Scientific Analyst at the Center for Naval Analyses where he worked on studies and analyses related to Undersea Warfare, Ocean Surveillance, Intelligence Collection, SSN Special Operations, Battle Group Command and Control, and Strike and Anti-air Operations. During his tenure at CNA, Dr. Gibby was assigned as the CNA representative to COMSUBPAC, OP-009G, COMSUBGRU8, COMCARGRU2(CTF-60), CINCUSNAVEUR, and the UK MOD where most of this work was focused on support to the operational forces. This work ranged from developing tactics for the employment of new weapon and sensor systems, to improving the employment of existing systems, and to performing an analysis of the Falklands air war for the Royal Navy.

The contributions of Dr. Gibby’s work to customer’s missions has been recognized in the form of letters of appreciation, commendations, and awards from among others, COMSUBPAC, CINCFLT(UK), VCNO, and various elements of the Intelligence Community. Dr. Gibby’s areas of technical interest include fiber optic communications and devices, solid state lasers, underwater optical and acoustic imaging, underwater acoustics, high-performance power sources, operations analysis, and undersea warfare.

Dr. Gibby has published papers on topics in nuclear magnetic resonance, chemical kinetics, and underwater imaging. He was a Hertz Foundation Fellow (1970-2) and a co-inventor of the widely-used Pines-Gibby-Waugh cross-polarization technique for obtaining high-resolution NMR spectra of dilute solid state spin systems.



William J. Reuter
Vice President, Networks Division

B.S., Electrical Engineering, Villanova University, 1991
M.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California, 1995



Mr. Reuter oversees the Arion business unit delivering network solutions and services to a variety of U.S. Government and commercial customers. With more than 50 engineers, the Networks Division is our largest business unit.

Since assuming his divisional leadership role in 2006, Mr. Reuter has presided over a period of significant change and growth for the Division. During his tenure, the Division grew in technical depth and breadth while delivering a number of high visibility Government programs that transport mission critical information and data for our customers and their mission partners. As the program manager for the Division’s largest contract, Mr. Reuter successfully delivered and managed a large test and integration facility for the customer and established and managed several important subcontract relationships. He has been instrumental in culturing valued relationships with our industrial partners.

Mr. Reuter joined Arion and our Networks Division in 1999 as an experienced systems engineer where he distinguished himself in performing a number of key roles. He was the Lead Systems Engineer for a revolutionary, state-of-the-art worldwide Government telecommunications network providing mission critical transport for the Intelligence Community. Mr. Reuter also provided leadership to several Government telecommunications modernization projects that involved the introduction of leading-edge technologies that transformed service delivery methods for our customers and their mission partners. Mr. Reuter’s systems engineering experience spans the range of most networking technologies.

Prior to joining Arion, Mr. Reuter served 8-years as an officer in the USAF as a Program Manager for several USAF and Intelligence Community telecommunications engineering projects.

Mr. Reuter has often been relied upon to represent Government programs to senior levels of the US Government and in bilateral negotiations with foreign governments. Mr. Reuter has been recognized for his leadership and technical abilities on multiple occasions through letters of appreciation, commendations and awards from various elements of the Intelligence Community.



Sabrina J. Rufty
Vice President, Marine Division

B.S., Nuclear Engineering, North Carolina State University, 1984.
M.S., Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences, George Washington University, 1993.
Senior Executive Program, National and International Security Policy, JFK School of Government, Harvard University, 1996.


Mrs. Rufty oversees the Arion business unit that provides marine systems engineering, safety certification, operational test and evaluation, analytical, and other consulting services to the Department of Navy and other Government and industry customers. This Division has a long history of involvement in the development, deployment, and operation of advanced technology marine sensor systems, work systems, and platforms.

Mrs. Rufty joined the company in 2003 as a Senior Scientist and served as the Arion technical lead in new business areas. Her contributions included critical strategic analyses, analyses in support of operations, mentoring on analysis methodologies and documentation, helping to define the overall government customer research program, and developing and delivering a new operations analysis capability. She joined the ASI Marine Division in 2009, serving as the Lead Systems Engineer for multiple complex customer system developments where she has proactively identified technical and operational risks to the mission and provided actionable recommendations to mitigate these risks. Her command of a wide range of technically complex topics has made her a valued member of independent review teams assembled to assess troubled projects.

Prior to joining ASI, Mrs. Rufty served as a Research Team Leader at The Center for Naval Analyses. Mrs. Rufty developed and executed a research program focused on the mine warfare threat to naval and joint forces and homeland defense. Mrs. Rufty directed research teams and projects to include projects involving outside agencies. Major themes of research include: strategic force structure planning, system development and experimentation, support to real-world operations, and mainstreaming mine warfare. As the Scientific Analyst to OPNAV N75, she participated in a review of ONR’s Marine Corps S&T Program and chaired the Committee for Mine Warfare Assessment. Mrs. Rufty also served as a Design Engineer at Duke Power Company, where she supervised engineers and coordinated the nuclear fuel supply for seven nuclear reactors.

Mrs. Rufty maintains a deep understanding of the Marine Division’s customers, mission requirements, community partners, and emerging new business areas. The contributions of Mrs. Rufty’s work to our customers has been recognized in the form of letters of appreciation, commendations, and awards from among others, Vice Chief of Naval Operations, multiple Directors, Expeditionary Warfare, DCINC, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, Vice President, National Defense Industrial Association, and various elements of the Intelligence Community. She was a major contributor to a team that received the Intelligence Community’s top acquisition award.



Branden E. Campbell
Vice President, Advanced Concepts Division

B.S., Computer Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2001.
M.S., Systems Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2003.



Mr. Campbell oversees the Arion business unit that has responsibility for the Company’s research and development efforts, internally and externally funded, as well as system integration contracts with unique or particularly challenging customer requirements. This Division provides special purpose software, hardware, and system solutions that deliver new capabilities to customers in the commercial and government sectors.

Mr. Campbell joined the Company in 2005 as a member of our technical staff working on a succession of projects with the Advance Concepts Division. His systems engineering and leadership skills along with a broad understanding of communications and networking technologies contributed measurably to systems that were delivered on schedule at cost that exceeded customer performance objectives. In addition to his Corporate responsibilities, Mr. Campbell is currently the program lead for the design, deployment, and maintenance of IT infrastructures that support multiple mission-critical functions for one of our valued commercial customers.

Prior to joining Arion, Mr. Campbell was an employee of the Raytheon Company where he had the opportunity as a recent engineering graduate to work on several system development projects in support of Department of Defense and Intelligence Community customers.

Mr. Campbell has been the recipient of various personal and team awards from our customers for outstanding performance on challenging projects that typically require leadership and relationship building across customer and associate contractor lines.



Peter D. Gates
Vice President, Special Projects Division

B.S., Ocean Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy, 1982
M.S., Industrial and Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2006



Mr. Gates oversees the Arion business unit that provides systems engineering, specialty engineering, and analytical services to the Intelligence Community.

Mr. Gates joined Arion in 1988 on departure from active duty naval service where he contributed significantly to the development and execution of the Company’s nascent business processes and has continued to participate in and contribute to the Company’s persistent growth. As a skilled systems engineer, Mr. Gates has applied his trade to a wide variety of Intelligence Community and Department of Defense customers and programs that have contributed directly to the nation’s defense and security. His systems engineering experience spans programs that have required significant domain expertise in the mechanical, civil, electrical, and telecommunications engineering disciplines. Mr. Gates is an experienced mission planner with expertise in planning complex land-based and sea-based operations. Mr. Gates is currently a lead systems engineering for a program developing and fielding several special purpose electro-mechanical and sensor systems while fulfilling his leadership responsibilities for the Special Projects Division.

Prior to joining ASI, Mr. Gates was an active duty Navy submarine officer. His active duty assignments included the USS Cincinnati (SSN-693) and Submarine Squadron 22, La Maddalena, Italy. He continued his naval service as a reserve officer retiring at the rank of Captain after 26 years.

Mr. Gates has been recognized with numerous Meritorious Unit Commendations and personal letters of recognition for his individual and team contributions.


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