Employee Comments

The following anonymous employee comments are taken from a WorkplaceDynamics employee survey:

“The people in my group – I can’t imagine working with a better group.”

“The employee-centric corporate style, the general sense of mission and dedication to our customers, and the overall positive environment make it easy to come to work…”

“The ability to work with an organization with the highest ethical standards, together with benefits second to none, while doing work that is truly beneficial to our country.”

“…To a person, ASI has continually hired extremely talented, professional individuals, and our management team has fostered a team environment unlike any I’ve experienced prior. ASI is more like family than I could have hoped to find…”

“Encourages professional development and rewards hard work.”

“ASI took a chance… and allowed me to learn, develop, and prove my value… The environment, leadership (both corporate and direct), and the team members are so conducive to a positive work experience that it builds a sort of military or sports team like loyalty that motivates each employee to represent the company as well as possible through both performance and customer interaction.”

“…ASI has been more than generous in providing formal training.”

“All formal training that I have requested has been approved.”

“The company has done an exceptional job of minimizing “bureaucratic creep.””

“ASI is a trusted partner at our customer.”

“What impresses me the most is how consistently ASI employees are top performers at their jobs.”

“It is very satisfying to know that the work I do is helping to keep our nation secure.”

“Treated like a valuable employee and not a number, senior management and HQ staff know me and my family via company functions, my manager communicates with me regularly and is aware of my challenges, provides advice.”

(my manager)…”Open door. Listens and discusses any topic. Promptly responds to concerns.”

“My manager listens carefully to my concerns and provides helpful comments and recommendations in response.”

“I have a personal connection and appreciative relationship with our company managers.”

“ASI leadership understands the importance of family.”

“ASI is a great company to work for. People are great and the benefits are exceptionally good.”

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